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Beyond Dentures: Reclaiming Your Smile with Dental Implants

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Smile Stop Dentures & Implants discusses decaying teeth and dental implants.

Confidence starts with a smile! But what happens when damaged or missing teeth hold you back from showing off your pearly whites? If you're living with decayed teeth and considering dentures as a solution, there's another option to explore: dental implants.

While dentures have long been a common way to replace missing teeth, dental implants offer a range of advantages that dentures simply can't match. This blog from Smile Stop Dentures & Implants will delve into the world of dental implants, explaining how they work, the benefits they offer, and how they can transform your smile and your life.

Understanding Decayed Teeth: Why They Happen and What to Do

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is a common dental issue. It occurs when plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, builds up on your teeth. The bacteria in plaque feed on sugars in your food, producing acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. Left untreated, decay can lead to pain, infection, and even tooth loss.

If you have decayed teeth, the first step is to schedule an appointment with a dentist. They will examine your teeth, determine the extent of the decay, and recommend the best course of treatment. This may involve fillings, crowns, or even tooth extraction if the decay is severe.

Dentures: A Traditional Solution with Limitations

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. They are typically made of acrylic resin and fit over your gums. While dentures can restore your ability to chew and speak, they come with some drawbacks:

  • Discomfort: Dentures can slip and slide around in your mouth, causing discomfort and irritation.

  • Bone Loss: When teeth are missing, the jawbone beneath them begins to break down. Dentures don't stimulate the jawbone like natural teeth, which can accelerate this process. Over time, this can lead to a sunken facial appearance.

  • Dietary Restrictions: Dentures can make it difficult to chew certain foods, limiting your dietary choices.

Introducing Dental Implants: A Revolutionary Approach

Dental implants are a more permanent and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. Here's how they work:

  • The Implant: A dental implant is a small, screw-like post made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses naturally with your jawbone. This post acts as an artificial tooth root.

  • The Abutment: Once the implant has integrated with your jawbone, a small connector piece called an abutment is attached to the implant.

  • The Crown: A custom-made dental crown, typically made of porcelain, is then attached to the abutment. This crown looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

The Advantages of Dental Implants: Why Choose Them Over Dentures?

Dental implants offer several advantages over dentures:

  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort: Dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone, creating a strong foundation for your artificial tooth. This eliminates the slipping and discomfort associated with dentures.

  • Improved Chewing Ability: Dental implants function more like natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods with confidence.

  • Preserves Jawbone Health: Because dental implants stimulate the jawbone, they help prevent bone loss and maintain your facial structure.

  • Natural Appearance and Confidence: Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. This can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Durability: Dental implants are a long-lasting solution that can last for many years with proper care.

Exploring Dental Implants in Bartlesville

If you're considering dental implants in Bartlesville, the team at Smile Stop Dentures & Implants is here to help. We offer a detailed consultation to explore if dental implants can help you achieve your dream smile. Our experienced dentists will discuss your individual needs, explain the implant procedure, and answer any questions you may have.

Taking the First Step Towards a Brighter Smile

Living with decayed teeth can significantly impact your quality of life. Dental implants offer a transformative solution, allowing you to regain a healthy, confident smile and enjoy the benefits of improved oral health. Contact Smile Stop Dentures & Implants in Bartlesville today to schedule a consultation and explore the possibilities of dental implants. Remember, a brighter smile is just around the corner!

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