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Older man at Smile Stop Dentures & Implants in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Bartlesville, Oklahoma


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At our practice, we specialize in providing high-quality, natural-looking dentures. Following tooth extractions, our experienced staff will take precise measurements to design the ideal set of dentures that meet your individual needs.


The process involves a detailed interim stage wherein wax is used to simulate the eventual design before its fabrication and fitting. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your perfect fit. We are dedicated to delivering quality care every step of the way! 


Dentures are $99 when you have at least 12 teeth extracted in our office at the same time. Soonercare pays 100% for extractions & dentures! Kansas Medicaid pays 100% for extractions. Most dental insurance plans are accepted.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures offer an alternative to traditional removable dentures. The implants are positioned directly into the jaw bone, providing a more secure and stable fit for the denture.


The implants eliminate any movement or slipping associated with traditional dentures, allowing you to eat, speak and smile with confidence. With implant dentures, you can regain your oral function and aesthetics in one convenient solution


Our team provides professional extraction services to our patients when their teeth can no longer be salvaged. This procedure is conducted with care and precision to ensure the best possible results for the patient.


We strive to provide an experience that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With our expertise, we are confident in providing the highest quality of dental extractions available.

Oral Sedation

Our practice is pleased to offer Oral Sedation as an option for our patients. With Oral Sedation, you can feel more relaxed and calm during dental procedures. The medication we use produces a drowsy state so that the procedure is comfortable for you and goes by quickly.


Our experienced staff is well-trained in administering oral sedation, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your appointment. Contact us today to learn more about this convenient service.

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